When I moved to the U.S.A. in 1991, I immediately began planning and working toward a studio career, recording and mixing at every level and opportunity available to me. I was 19 and broke in a new country, but that didn’t stop me from making music in any shape or form I could at the time. Through the years as I developed my knowledge and technique, I began investing in one piece of audio gear per month, and before long New Record Studios was created and I was set up to record and produce professionally. Now I can say that I have a great-sounding recording studio, and that I have been fortunate to record many amazing and talented artists and musicians (some well-known and some who should be). All those individual minutes of listening closely, of turning knobs and pushing faders, of trial-and-error and learning from other audio professionals, have accumulated and compounded to put me in the place where I am proud to say that I can both accurately reproduce the sound of my artists and produce the sound that I am hearing in my head…

Cashrac & Truce BeTold

Snatch Attack - Black Skin

Rupert Boyd - Julia (Beatles)

Jon Davis - My Cherie Amour

Salvo & Hugo - Dos en Uno

Salvo & Hugo - Timescape

Dolce Vita Strings - G.O.T

David Farrell - Original

Marissa Mulder - Live

NY Opera Exchange - Mozart

Amir Rubinshtein - Mati Caspi

Dolce Vita Strings - J.S. Bach