Welcome to the Contact/Drum Tracks order form

Here you can upload your tunes, please make sure to include a doc with the BPM (tempo) and the type of files you are uploading, the style of the drumming you want can be discussed on the phone after the tracks have been uploaded. Every upload includes two revisions if needed, if you are unhappy with the tracks, you pay absolutely nothing, (not a dime – of course you don’t get to keep the tracks).

If you are happy with the tracks, once a payment has been made you will receive an email with a download link for you to download the drum tracks. All the tracks are recorded in a state of the art recording studio, Rubin Nizri is the owner and chief engineer at New Record Studios, a facility with top notch Microphones, Preamps, Sound processors and meticulously designed rooms from the ground up.  At the bottom of this page there is a contact form you can email us and we will answer any questions you have.


Thank you in advance.

Rubin Nizri