It was all Stewart Copeland’s fault! The first time I heard The Police at age 10, Mr. Copeland put a spell on me. I made a set of drums from pots pans and tin cookie jars, and I’ve never put the sticks down since. Then at 16, I heard Vinnie Colaiuta and I swore I’d never rest until I reached his major league level of drumming. Of course, I’m still working on it, but each time I record a drum track or support an artist or band, I’m striving for that magical quality, and that makes me a little bit happier. I’ve come a long way from that homemade drum set, but like any good musician I know I’m not quite there yet…

Vintage Old School Sound

Blues Jam

In The Live Room

South - Picnic

Come My Way - Picnic

Sangria - Picnic

Dead And Gone - Picnic

Great North Country - Picnic

Stinky Joe - Picnic

1958 Gretsch

Block Island - Picnic

1958 Gretsch (Simple)